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Why You Should Outsource Your Payroll Function for Your Small Business

Professional Payroll Services in Mississauga Area

Managing your payroll function can be a time-consuming process. From processing paperwork, transferring funds, managing deductions, and remitting statutory deductions, payroll management can take up much of your precious time. However, at Miranda Professional Corporation in Mississauga, Ontario, we can handle this headache on your behalf to free up time to run and grow your business. When you trust your payroll administration in our hands, your payroll needs will be met on time. 

Benefits of outsourcing your payroll 

There is much more to payroll management than writing checks to employees. Payroll handling involves:

  • Maintaining payroll records.
  • Making accurate and timely employee deductions.
  • Communicating effectively with your employees.

Don’t be occupied by your payroll administration while we can do this on your behalf. 

Here are the benefits of outsourcing your payroll function: 

  • Cost-saving: If you manage your payroll in-house, you must invest in computers, furniture, payroll software, staff, and periodic training — this could be capital intensive for your small business. You don’t have to invest in assets and people when hiring a payroll administration firm. All you need is to enter into a contract with us, and Mr. Joseph Miranda and the team will handle the rest.
  • Accuracy and compliance: Whether your business is small or large, it’s subject to different provincial laws, and failure to comply with these regulations results in fines and penalties, even if you made a genuine mistake. Your business isn’t in the business of paying non-compliance penalties. Entrust your payroll administration to a professional firm with experienced and well-trained staff to handle your payroll accurately, to avoid costly errors that expose your business to unnecessary liabilities.
  • Prioritizing your core business: You didn’t start your company to become a payroll expert unless your line of business is payroll handling. Outsourcing your payroll helps you concentrate on your business’s core objective. We help you narrow it down to what you do best.
  • Saves time: Whether you have just a handful of employees or a large workforce, processing payroll demands time and attention. If you have an in-house team, your staff will spend hours inputting payroll data. When you consider the time spent handling one function, outsourcing the job to a trusted provider may seem attractive.

If you want to outsource your payroll handling in Mississauga, ON, you can’t put your business and employees in better hands than Miranda Professional Corporation. Please call us on +1 855-839-4969 to find out more about our services.


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Joseph M. Miranda, B.Comm, CPA, CMA

Joseph M. Miranda, B.Comm, CPA, CMA

Miranda Professional Corporation

Miranda Professional Corporation is committed to finding efficient and innovative solutions for all your business requirements. With over three decades of expertise in the field, they are knowledgeable in accounting, bookkeeping, taxation and managing businesses for small and medium enterprises in the Greater Toronto area.

Joseph Miranda is a qualified charted accountant and a certified management accountant with a bachelor's degree in commerce from the University of Toronto. After gaining expertise in the accounting field he advanced his passion by obtaining knowledge on information systems and developing a software application to create more efficiency in financial reporting functions.

The entire staff at Miranda Professional Corporation carries the same passion for helping people obtain the best means to manage their business and personal affairs by providing accurate knowledge to support their financial decisions.

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