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We continue to be available to meet our clients’ needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. We encourage our clients to deliver their documentation in electronic form; however, for those who wish to continue with paper documentation, we are open and have a drop box within our reception area for your convenience. No entry or contact with our staff beyond the designated area. We are exercising protocols recommended by the Ministry of Health to ensure a safe and healthy environment for our clients and staff.

Thank you for your co-operation during these challenging times. Stay safe and be well!

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Manage risk and grow better with compliance reporting services that you can trust in Mississauga ON area

Manage risk today; plan for tomorrow’s growth with compliance reporting services in Mississauga ON

Manage risk and grow better with compliance reporting services that you can trust in Mississauga ON area
Joseph Miranda and his team of experienced professional accountants act as extensions of your team to help you manage risk and grow better with compliance reporting services that you can trust in Mississauga ON.

Miranda Professional Corporation has the experience to adeptly handle many of your business’s internal functions, so you can focus on taking care of your clients and the “value-added” tasks that set your business apart from the competition.

No business function is perhaps better-suited to outsourcing than compliance. Compliance reporting services in Mississauga ON at MPC are not simply about accurately “checking the right boxes.” Our experienced Chartered Professional Accountants partner with small- to mid-sized organizations to develop strategic, tailored solutions that help them grow and overcome whatever challenges tomorrow may bring.

Quality services, within reach

You don’t have to be a “corporate giant” to avoid costly penalties associated with non-compliance, or to benefit from outsourced solutions that are secure and don’t put your clients’ private data at risk. It can be tough to handle the growing complexity and dynamic nature of compliance as a small business owner. Likewise, not everyone has the resources to bring compliance “in-house” by hiring a professional who is dedicated to ensuring management and personnel comply with applicable laws and regulations. MPC acts as an extension of your team, so it’s like having a compliance professional in-house – without the hefty expense and onboarding.

MPC’s many long-term clients have benefited from our consultative approach to compliance reporting:

  • Economies of scale mean compliance is adeptly handled at a lower cost than “going it alone.”
  • Instead of one or two trained employees, our fully-staffed organization handles compliance so the lapses that can occur when an employee abruptly leaves are avoided.
  • Time is on your side because you will no longer have to stay on top of changing requirements with continuous, intensive research.
  • You do your business well; we do our business well. MPC knows regulations and has the right technologies to assist in accurate, efficient compliance reporting. The potential for human error is minimized due to this mix of extensive, specialized knowledge and tools.

Some organizations in Canada have been assessed millions of dollars in fines, not to mention class actions for damages, debarment from government procurement contracts, and the hit to brand reputation. Manage risk today. Grow with tomorrow in mind. MPC looks forward to getting to know you and your business!


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My company has been a client with Miranda Corporation since 2012 and I have had nothing but exceptional service.

Miranda accountants are very professional, knowledgeable, prompt and organized. I have worked closely with Joe Miranda and found him to be extremely helpful with all financial aspects of my business.

I would highly recommend Miranda Professional Corporation to all businesses looking to manage their accounting needs.
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